Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree provides a well-rounded degree path for students interested in pursuing the academic study of music within a Liberal Arts framework. It can be used to launch a number of different careers including; music journalism, criticism, broadcasting, jobs in the cultural sector and acts as a great preparatory degree for law school or medical school.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music (BAM) is offered as a general degree, double major, or honours degree. This degree is a non-performance based program and may be taken as a double major with any other university subject. The honours degree is designed for students who wish to pursue a more vigorous research option within the academic study of musicology or composition without applied music or performance requirements.

  • General, Double Major, or Honours degrees
  • No audition required
  • Liberal Arts approach to music education
  • Courses in music theory, history and culture, composition, education, and music therapy can be applied to the program
  • Graduates are prepared for graduate programs, professional school programs, and music industry professions