Audition Requirements

The School of Music encourages all students to work with a teacher to prepare for this audition experience. Students should be prepared to perform solo selections that exemplify and showcase their individual strengths.

Basic Requirements

Prospective students will complete a live or recorded audition showcasing musicianship and performance ability. This usually consists of up to three selections (10-15 minutes of music).

The School recommends at least two of the selections be performed on your principal applied instrument. Selections can include contrasting movements of a sonata or concerto, contrasting pieces from different genres or styles (classical, jazz, rock, etc.), and/or excerpts from larger works. The third selection may be your own choice and is an opportunity for you to show us your area of interest. For example - If you are a singer/songwriter, please play your guitar and sing for us. If you also sing musical theatre, feel free. If you play a second instrument and you’d like to show us a different side of yourself, we’d love to see it!

Whatever you choose to perform should be prepared at the highest level, in conjunction with a musical mentor/teacher showcasing your strengths, demonstrating your technical proficiency, expressiveness, and artistic intentions. You may also be asked to perform technical exercises, depending on your instrument.

As the School of Music core includes a Comprehensive Keyboard course, all students will be asked to demonstrate their level of piano competency on their audition day. Specific information about piano requirements will be sent to you once you have completed the School of Music application, but students should note this is for placement in School of Music courses, not for acceptance into the program.

Before admission to the School is finalized, all students will be tested on their Theoretical and Musicianship skills. Students who come to Acadia for a live audition will complete a theory test as part of the audition day proceedings. (see FAQs for more information)

I cannot perform a live audition. Are there any other options?

The live audition days for 2020 are Saturday February 29 and Saturday March 7.
We encourage all students to audition live, however those living at a distance or who are unable to attend the audition days may complete a video recorded audition and send us a link. These recordings should be with video submitted by March 2, 2020 in order to be considered with all other auditions.

For any questions regarding repertoire, auditions or the School of Music please contact Administrative Assistant Barb Jordan,