Is there an accompanist provided?

Once you have completed both your application to Acadia University and your School of Music application, you will be assigned an audition date and time. If you request an accompanist, and provide your music before February 15th, 2019, one will be provided free of charge. Otherwise there will be a cost of $50.00 for this service, payable to the School, on the audition date, pending availability. Please note: If you request an accompanist after February 15th, there is a chance that our accompanying services may already be fully booked.

I heard that I had to write a theory test. Is this true?

All students are required to write a Theory exam on the day of their audition, which is roughly equivalent to Royal Conservatory Grade 2 Theory. If you are not traveling to Acadia for a live audition, arrangements will be made for you to complete the theory test by distance with the assistance of a proctor. If you feel uncertain about your music theory skills, visit the website listed: There are several web-based ear training programs which allow you to hear an interval or chord, and name it. We recommend that you use this link to practice interval and chord identification: Using these programs will help to prepare you for the Acadia University theory and ear training entrance/placement tests.

I cannot perform a live audition. Are there any other options?

The live audition days for 2019 are Saturday March 2 and Saturday March 9.

We encourage all students to audition live, however those living at a distance or who are unable to attend the audition days may complete a video recorded audition and send us a link. Regardless of whether you are auditioning live or by recording, we encourage all School of Music applications to be completed by February 15th, with video auditions submitted by March 2, 2019. All auditions will be considered equally (live or recorded), if they are completed by the deadline.

Do all programs require an audition?

An audition is required for all incoming students, except those interested in Bachelor of Arts in Music. However, all students, regardless of program will be asked to demonstrate their current level of piano skills and complete a theory test before admission results are finalized.

May I choose an instructor?

Students have the option of requesting any current instructor for their Principal Applied study, however, it is not necessary to do so. If a request is made, we will do our best to honour these, pending availability. A list of faculty is available on our website, for your convenience. Please note: this list may change slightly from year to year.