Prof. Paul Lauzon
Associate Professor
Music Therapy

MMT Southern Methodist University, Dallas
MTA Canadian Association of Music Therapists
MT-BC Certification Board for Music Therapists
CMT Emmanuel College, Boston
BA University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

237 Denton Hall
Acadia University
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Canada B4P 2R6
T: (902) 585-1241
F: (902) 585-1037


Paul Lauzon has 36 years of clinical experience as a Music Therapist Accredited (MTA). He has been actively involved with the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT), including a term as President. As founding President of the Atlantic Association for Music Therapy (AAMT), he is committed to the growth of Music Therapy in the Atlantic region. As a clinician, he has experience working with children and adolescents with autism, Retts syndrome, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy and other physically disabling conditions, mental challenges, blindness, hearing impairment, learning disabilities and head injuries. He has worked with adults characterized as frail elderly, veterans, Alzheimer's, stroke victims, those in chronic pain, and those with psychiatric problems including PTSD, schizophrenia, and other conditions of mental and emotional distress. He teaches core courses in the Music Therapy Program.

Articles in Refereed Journals
Lauzon, Paul. (2018). Music and spirituality: Explanations and implications. British Journal for Music Therapy.(Article has been accepted for publication and is in peer review process).

Lauzon, Paul. (2017). Folk music as a therapeutic resource. Canadian Journal for Music Therapy, 23, 59 - 77.

Lauzon, Paul. (2011). Anatomy of a musical being: A music systems theory of music therapy. -- international online Journal for Music Therapy.

Lauzon, Paul J. L. (2006) The Playwheel: A Model for therapeutic improvisation/« The Playwheel » : Un modèle d'improvisation thérapeutique. Canadian Journal of Music Therapy, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 92-107. Available at

Lauzon, Paul. (2006). Change in music therapy: A discourse. Conference Proceedings, 33rd National Conference of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy.

Papers delivered at Conferences
Lauzon, Paul. 2010. The Sound Surrounds Us: Uses of Atlantic Folk Song in Music Therapy. 37th National Conference of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy in Halifax, NS, May 3 – 8, 2010.

Lauzon, Paul. 2008. Anatomy of a Musical Being. 35th National Conference of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy in Quebec City, QC, May 1 – 6, 2008.

Lauzon, Paul. 2004. Singing as Therapy. 31st National Conference of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy in Perth, ON, May 3–7, 2006.

Lauzon, Paul. 2002. A Place for Intuition. 29th National Conference of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy in Regina, Saskatchewan, May 2 – 6, 2006

Recent Creative Work:
In October 2017, Blue Wing Music released a new recording of Paul Lauzon’s original songs. “Among Humans” is a 12 song CD -- mastered by Kevin Herring of Sounds Good Recording. It is featured on Paul’s artist’s page at CBC Music, and is available at the following links:

free streaming
online purchase
lyrics and chords
video of song “Start Again”
also available online at itunes, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.